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Frequent questions

  • What is Vanilla Republic?
    Vanilla Republic is an online store that sells high quality pastry and confectionery ingredients.
  • What is vanilla caviar and how do I use it in my pastry recipes?
    Vanilla caviar is a natural and aromatic product, formed from the small black seeds of the vanilla bean. These can be used in place of vanilla extract and are ideal for adding an intense vanilla flavor.
  • Where do Vanilla Republic's ingredients come from?
    Our ingredients come from trusted sources around the world, including countries like Madagascar, Mexico, Ecuador and Ghana.
  • What is dulce de leche and how is it used in pastry recipes?
    Dulce de leche is a sweet sauce made from caramelized condensed milk. It can be used as a filling or glaze in cakes, cookies or other desserts.
  • What are marine hydrocolloids and how are they used in baking recipes?
    Marine hydrocolloids are natural thickeners obtained from seaweed. They are used to improve the texture and consistency of baked goods.
  • What is the difference between vanilla extract and vanilla essence?
    Vanilla extract is obtained by soaking vanilla beans in alcohol, while vanilla essence contains synthetic vanilla extract.
  • What does the term "freshly roasted cocoa" mean and why is it important in baked goods?
    Freshly roasted cocoa means that the cocoa beans are roasted immediately before being ground. This helps preserve the flavor and quality of the cocoa, which translates into a better taste in baked goods.
  • Can I use custom made chocolate for cakes and other desserts?
    Yes, custom made chocolate can be used in many pastry and confectionery recipes.
  • What are the best ways to store vanilla and other baking ingredients?
    Vanilla and other pastry ingredients should be stored in sealed containers at room temperature, away from light and moisture.
  • What types of pastry and confectionery accessories are available on Vanilla Republic?
    Vanilla Republic offers a wide range of pastry and confectionery accessories, including baking tins, moulds, spatulas and more.
  • What are natural colors and how are they used in baking?
    Natural dyes are natural pigments obtained from sources such as fruits, vegetables or plants. They can be used in pastry to give products natural colors, without the use of artificial dyes.
  • Do you also deliver the products outside the country?
    At the moment we only deliver in Romania.
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